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Cuff bracelets are a great way to show off some serious style.

Unlike standard bracelets that you slip over your hand and onto your wrist, bracelet cuffs have an opening that pushes onto the side of your wrist. Then, the bracelet is twisted into place. This makes it effortless to take on and off, as well as easy to dress up and down. A cuff bracelet commands attention with its wide dimension and distinct C shape.

The fashionable cuff bracelet is well on its way to maintaining its iconic style well throughout 2021 and beyond. Try mixing your metals to create a dynamic, on-trend look. You can pair your cuff bracelet with other types of jewelry like sterling silver earrings or a gold pendant necklace.

In a professional setting, consider a subtle metal bracelet that won’t be distracting to yourself and others. Choosing a metal bracelet also complements the business aesthetic nicely because your bracelet won’t give off a casual vibe.

When you’re outside of the office and going to cocktail parties or black tie events, remember to accessorize with fine jewelry. A high-quality bracelet should help make you sparkle and stand out.

Casual affairs require something more subtle. You can pair your cuff bracelet with bangles or other fashion bracelets as you see fit. Fine jewelry tends to lack texture and personality but makes up for it with sheer beauty. With fashion jewelry, you can find something with just the right pop factor.

Not sisters by blood but sisters by heart

How to Keep Bracelet Cuffs from Falling Off? It may seem like your cuff bracelet will fall off easily because of its opening, however, the likelihood of this happening is very low. Oftentimes, the bracelet can be gently squeezed to fit more securely around your wrist. This narrows the gap, ensuring that the cuff stays put. Another way to prevent them from falling off is to place the bracelet up higher on your arm, such as just above the elbow.

Our collection of women’s bracelets feature eye-catching details, making it a must-have for transforming any day or nighttime ensemble. Bracelets are an appropriate option for all occasions, and with a wide variety of designs to choose from, you can find stylish options from your favorite brands at WordsInToThings!

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