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  1. Bought this for my bff and myself. We both love them! Very pretty and love having our sass on the inside to make us smile!

  2. Both of my daughter’s love it,they love the saying,well because they are all my princesses including my granddaughter💕

  3. I bought one for my brother my sister and also got one for my self in memory of my dad. It is very special for the three of us. I am gladd I invested in these bracelets.

  4. I love this bracelet and wear it 24/7. I ordered the rose gold color and it is beautiful. Very well made and the simple design looks very classy on my wrist. I’ve gotten many compliments on it.

  5. At first I thought I had been scammed because they took so long to arrive. But now that they are here, I couldn’t be happier! These bracelets are fabulous — and I cannot wait to gift my daughter hers!

  6. I purchased this as a gift for a friend who is battling cancer. It arrived quickly and is beautiful. She loved it and has been wearing it ever since I gave it to her.

  7. Was a gift for my daughter. Arrived just when she needed to know I have complete faith in her and she is stronger than she knows. Absolutely made her day.

  8. This bracelet beyond what I expected for the price. It look shiny and well done. I’m really happy with my purchase. Highly recommend it

  9. I gave this as a gift to a very good friend of mine. It was much prettier than I expected and is very well made. The inscription is a nice private message between you and the recipient.

  10. Good my sister loves it!!! It gives her inspiration. She gave me a big sister bracelet and my little sister a little sister bracelet. She wanted a middle sister bracelet but I thought this was way better and she loves it!!

  11. Very nice. Could not be more pleased. Nice engraving and very sturdy. Bought for my daughter’s high school graduation and I will say this, she does not have a big wrist at all and had a hard time getting it on. It is not bendable. Would buy again!

  12. This bangle is just as advertised. The metal is sturdy and does not scratch easily. I love the small arrow design on the exterior and the secret saying on the interior. It fits well: easy to put on & take off, yet no danger of falling off accidentally during the day.

  13. I purchased this bracelet as a thank you gift. The box the bracelet is in is quite nice and the bracelet itself is sturdy, shiny, and appears well made. Because the bracelet is slightly bendable, it should fit on a variety of adult wrists.

  14. I got them for my girlfriends birthdays. They both loved them. The bracelets are a great weight and look beautiful on. The inside secret message is awesome!

  15. I love the quote and this bracelet is well made and simple flawless….I have already brought three buying another one for a friend of mines she said she loves it…..

  16. I bought this bangle as a gift. I like that it is sturdy and also stainless steel so it will not tarnish. If you buy you will not be disappointed.

  17. Bought for one of my girlfriends and I as an inside joke. We absolutely love them. They are very sturdy. I’ve worn it for 2 weeks straight, showered with it everyday and it still looks beautiful! It’s adjustable and goes on and off easily. Absolutely fabulous.

  18. I bought this for my daughter, and she absolutely loved it! The cuff itself is well made and the price was reasonable. I would order again.

  19. gave to someone who’s going throgh tough time. Thinking about ordering another one for friend who is also currently going through family situation

  20. I got this for my daughter and love that the message is on the inside so it’s likea secret between her and I. Beautifully made and very sturdy.

    Great! Definitely recommend!

  21. We bought this for my coworker that’s leaving, and she LOVED it!!!! The quality is really nice and we received it really quickly.

  22. It was so much nicer than I was expecting. Very sturdy like it may actually hold its shape! Purchased as a gift, I will consider it again for others and more than likely myself.

  23. Perfect gift for my sister. Only thing I didn’t love is it’s not adjustable and was too large for her petite wrist. Would fit an average-size wrist well. Really pretty and nice quality.

  24. I bought three of these for my sisters and I. I’ve been wearing mine 24hrs a day. It’s sturdy. My sisters love them as well! Great purchase!

  25. This will be my forth bracelet. I wear them almost everyday. The messages are all on the inside. I consider them my mantra to myself.

  26. Gave to a daughter as a cheer up gift. Going thru a rough time with a break-up. She said to me that she felt like he took her sparkle away. Gave her this to prove he didn’t. It made her laugh and she has been wearing regularly. Super adorable and simple. Writing is on the inside. The little hidden message just for the person who wears it.

  27. Beautiful bangle! Really nice and well made. It was nice since I was gifting it to my mom for Christmas. She loved it. Would recommend!

  28. Bought this as an add-on for a birthday gift I was giving. I really didn’t expect it to be so nice. It’s got a nice shine and sturdiness. I’d definitely purchase again.

  29. I gave this as a gift to a best friend who has a great sense of humor and who I love dearly. She absolutely loved it!  It looks more expensive than it is. The price is great. I would definitely buy it again.

  30. Great gift idea for those with a sense of humor, who also want to wear a nice piece of jewelry. Gave this to my daughter for Christmas & she absolutely loved it. She can appear elegant on the outside, while giggling to herself on the inside. Well made product.

  31. I am so impressed with this little bracelet, it is first and foremost beautifully made and impressive to look at.

    I will wear it forever, because that’s how long it will last!

    So reasonable priced.

  32. Purchased two of these fun bracelets to give my sisters on a night out! They loved them! They are simple, clever and quite pretty. Great idea for an affordable gift!

  33. Bought a cuff for a friend as a thank you gift and one for myself. We both love them. Very well made and sturdy. Wonderful gifts!

  34. Comfortable fit – no sharp edges; highly polished rose gold color with no discolorations or flaws of any kind. I’ll be buying several of these as gifts to colleagues and fellow caregivers.

  35. I only hoped the item was not cheap looking. Well it surpassed my expectations. The engraving is perfect and bracelet actually has some weight to it. Awesome.

  36. Super cute bracelet! I love the arrows and engraving, looks nice and good quality. Bought this as a gift, now I want to purchase one for myself.

  37. Beautiful bracelet!!! Bought it as a gift for a friend who recently lost everything in a house fire. Can’t wait to give it to her! I think she will love it!

  38. I bought this as a gift for my niece. She will love it! I love it!!

    You get a bracelet, you get a bracelet, you get a bracelet…..

  39. LOVE these! They are perfect for gifts. Love the messages on the inside. Great quality. They don’t lose their shape when fitting to wrist. Stays shiny. Smooth edges. Perfect!

  40. I bought this for my best friend going through the fight of her life with stage three breast cancer. I wanted her to have something to have on her to know that I am here with her even when I am not right there and that she has my strength. I wanted her to also know that she just had to keep f—- going for her kids and everyone else that loves her unconditionally. It’s our saying now after her chemo

  41. This was a gift to a friend and the bracelet was beautiful and just exactly how we saw it online. My friend absolutely loved it. It makes an amazing gift and it is crafted just beautifully.

  42. A friend sent one of these bracelets to me because my daughter is fighting breast cancer. When I received it I got one for my daughter!

  43. My girlfriend was recovering from hip surgery so the sentiment was perfect as a gift. She loved the bracelet , the arrows were a nice touch too. Thanks for a well-made reasonably priced awesome gift.

  44. Life has gotten stressful, hectic, and scary for me and the little message on the inside keeps reminding me that I can keep going.

  45. This was a gift. She loved it! Then I received on as a gift. I absolutely love this bracelet and wear it at all times.

  46. Such a beautiful and unique gift. The pre-made custom inscriptions will leave people asking where you purchased from.

  47. How about this for my best friend who stood by me through my cancer journey this year. She is my best friend and deserves the world. She absolutely loved this bracelet!

  48. I got this as a gift for my daughter. She has done some wonderful things in the last few years and I’m very proud of her. This cuff shows my continued support and encouragement for all of her present and future endeavors. The cuff is well made and I’m sure she’ll have and enjoy it for a long, long time.

  49. I’m disabled and this was a wonderful thing to have to remind me to keep going. They also gave one to a friend whose disabled

  50. It was a gift for the mother of 2 toddlers I take care of on Fridays. She had been having a rough time. 1st day of kindergarten and all for the oldest. She loved it.

  51. Well made bracelet! I got one for two of my friends and one for myself as a bit of encouragement to get through hard times as well as the chaos of daily life. Happy with the purchase!

  52. I love these! I got them for my girl. We met at a crazy time in life & it makes her smile when she see it. Very sturdy as well.

  53. I selected this bracelet for a dear friend going through a rough time and she was beyond delighted. It has a lovely shine to the finish and has a very nice modern look. It certainly looks far more expensive than it actually cost. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy it again.

  54. These bracelets were received quickly and were beautifully engraved. Very sturdy and will made, but Pliable enough to bend to fit multiple wrist sizes. Very pleased.

  55. Bought this gift for one of my daughter. Perfect for her to wear everywhere knowing the message is just for her unless she chooses to share the secret.

  56. Well made, sturdy, but classic look that can be worn most any occasion & activity. Bought for wife & daughter they wear them most of the time.

  57. Everyone has their problems and sometime you just dont want to go forward but when I look at this I know I must go forward .

  58. Love it!! It’s sturdy and cute. Very wearable. Ive had it for a couple weeks and so far no discolored skin or metal (I do take all jewelry off to shower/do dishes).

  59. I was surprised at how good the quality came out for the bracelets. I will absolutely order more bracelets from this company in the future!

  60. I bought this for my mom for a mother’s day gift and she LOVES it. She put it on immediately and said she will never take it off.

  61. I bought this for a friend who is currently undergoing some health issues. It’s gorgeous,

    funny and stylish. She can wear this when she’s feeling down and know that she can handle whatever is thrown at her. I love the little arrow details on the sides of the bracelet.

  62. The bracelet looks great and does not feel thin so it shouldn’t bend and feels good on the wrist. It will make my sister laugh!

  63. This bracelet is perfect! I love it so much. It is nice and thick- seems very well made. I love the choices of inspirational quotes that you can get for gifts and so many occasions. Very impressed!!

  64. These bracelets are absolutely perfect. I love the quote on them and had to buy them as gifts. They are really good quality, super heavy and even the packaging was very nice. I highly recommend.

  65. Got these as gifts for two friends running a marathon with me later this spring. I talked them into and got these for added motivation. They loved them.

  66. I gifted these to my family on 2018, they all love them and wear them often. It has been a year and they still look new. They are pliable enough to adjust to your wrist but sturdy, comfortable and nice looking. Very happy with this purchase.

  67. I wanted to get something some my sister’s birthday and this caught my eye. Love the hidden engraved message. The material is solid and workmanship is flawless. I loved it so much I bought one for myself and got one for my trainer!

  68. I purchased the 2 pack and after I saw the quality, I placed another order for sisters and friends. This little bracelet is made with great quality, is super durable and sleek. It’s perfect for the people I gave it to as gifts and I’m very happy I kept one for myself too.

  69. I love this bracelet! I have a pretty small wrist and this bracelet fits perfectly. It’s not too loose or tight and is very cute. I will be purchasing more for my family and friends as gifts. I’m very happy with this purchase!

  70. I gave this bracelet to my daughter as a pick me up since she was feeling a bit down. Man, did it ever work! I don’t normally use that kind of language though. But that just work better! I wrote a note & put it on top & the bracelet said the rest. Great gift that lifted my daughter’s spirit!

  71. I got this bracelet for my best friend because I think she could really use the motivation and encouragement!

    She has been having a tough time becoming an adult and living on her own. So I wanted to give her that extra encouragement from a friend.

    She just got a new job in her field of work and I think it would be great for her to have a daily reminder that she is on top of the world and nothing can stop her.

    This bracelet is strong and will not break just like her spirit, with a hidden message inside just for her!

    I can not wait to give it to her!

  72. Bought as a gift for my sister, it reminded me of what shes going through and i wanted her to know that i see her struggling .

  73. Love them. I have a small wrist and there is a little bit of room but does not fall off. Much better quality than I expected!

  74. I bought this as a gift and am nothing but pleased with it.I just love the idea behind these bracelets and the message it sends!

  75. I bought 4 of these as gifts for friends, each struggling with their own life issues (break ups, work stress, teen age daughters, depression). I thought they were cute and something that would make them smile and know they were not alone. They all loved the gift.

  76. This bracelet is packaged so nicely.  The saying is perfect for someone going through a touch time or working hard to make things happen.

  77. I got this for my girl friend because she needs a lot of motivation right now. I’m sure she’ll love it since I for sure do. It also seems to be very durable.

  78. I got this for one of my girlfriend’s birthdays. She absolutely loved it! It came in a nice package so I just put a little bow on it. The quality is great. I would definitely recommend this bracelet.

  79. I received the bracelets on time and in perfect condition.

    They are soooo cute, I can’t wait to give to my daughters.

  80. I really liked this item, I brought it for my daughter, it comes nicely presented in a gift box and you keep one and give one as a gift, my daughter loved it, its meaningful and the quality is very nice the engraving is very clear, you can read it easily. I was very satisfied with this product.

  81. I bought this to give to a friend of mine that convinced me to give my ex another chance. The packaging is really good too! Can’t wait to give this bracelet to my friend!

  82. This bracelet is extremely good quality and looks so nice! Looking forward to wearing it out and possibly gifting them to friends. So many options to choose from for the quotation/phrase inside the bracelet. Very cute item!

  83. I ordered three for myself and two friends.  It was beautifully packaged. Perfect for gifting. Looks sturdy. It bends with a bit of force so it can be adjusted for small or larger wrists. I love that the inscription is only on the inside. My two friends loved this as well. Very happy with my purchase!

  84. The bracelet is great quality and I love pairing it with other bracelets for a stacked look. I highly recommend the bracelet and the seller.

  85. This was a “just because” gift for my wife. It is a nice solid piece for the price. It works great as a gift because the packaging is very nice. The bracelet comes in a nice bag which is in a nice little box. The bracelet says it is a gift for a girl, but it fit my wife’s wrist just fine.

  86. Have given 3 of these as gifts for friends going through hard times. They all laughed and absolutely love it!

  87. A great piece of jewelry, gave one to my good friend for birthday….loves it! Plan on purchasing more in the near future!!

  88. My daughter and I have been going through some tough times and this bracelet was perfect for both of us. It helps remind us to keep going and not give up. Thank you for making it.

  89. Looks great, does not discolor, I wear it every single day & have quite a busy life & it still looks new after several months. The details are exactly as pictured. This bracelet looks nice.

  90. just great! so, I was looking for a gift for my friend.

    I got them this gift, and they love it! I like how clear it is, and it doesn’t look cheap

  91. Absolutely love this bracelet!

    I just got this in the mail and love how elegant it looks on my wrist. It looks great on and holds a very special message on the inside that only I know of. When ever I am feeling down, I look at this and know it will all be okay!

  92. Recipient of gift has not yet commented on gift, but I think it is a nice, sturdy, good looking bracelet with an

    inspirational quote that should make any girl happy!

  93. The item is more heavy duty than I imagine it would be, but that is great! Means it will last longer. Beautiful etching inside and out.

  94. These are very trendy right now. This vendor offers decent quality with good catch phrases. I bought a couple.

  95. This is the 8th one I have bought. I love them! They are very well made and great gifts. I gave them away the friends and they love them. I recommend them and will buy more!

  96. I love these bracelets! The words are printed nicely inside and I can wear it all the time because no one can see the hidden message. I am so excited to share these with the women I love! Great quality, great message, so many greats!

  97. Bought this for my daughter who is going through a tough time at school. I felt like it’s a good anti bullying message. I love it! Plan on buying more for my girls thank you!!!

  98. I liked everything about these bracelets. I ordered 4 of them for stocking stuffers for Christmas. I was very impressed by the assortment of messages I had to choose from. They are made of highly polished stainless steel and are very sturdy. It’s easy to adjust them to your exact fit. For an inexpensive item, I was very impressed by the quality. I would definitely buy them again.

  99. I bought the bracelet for myself. I wear it daily and it has not tarnished or gotten scratched. I really like the bracelet and it is made extremely well.

  100. Beautiful, well made, arrived on time. These are sturdy – I’ve worn mine every day since getting it a week ago and there’s not a scratch on it. They are a great deal!

  101. I was very happy when I opened this product, it was much higher quality than expected for the price. It was packaged well and the product its self looked high quality as well. Overall I am very pleased with this product

  102. This came in  a suede pouch. I have a larger wrist and this hurts a bit to get on somedays, but once it’s on it stays on and is not uncomfortable. I like having the saying on it, I wish it were across the top. There were no flaws in the writing or metal.

  103. Got this for the love of my life. She loved it! It’s very thick metal so no worries in it bending or snapping. Very sturdy on the wrist. The inscription is beautifully done. No complaints.

  104. I bought for a Christmas gift, so it hasn’t been worn yet. Seems to be made very well and the engravings look to be deeply inlaid.

  105. I bought this bracelet for a friend for inspiration. It’s beautiful! She absolutely loved it and has tears or joy when she opened it. The bracelet is not flimsy like other I had bought in the past. Buy it, you won’t be disappointed.

  106. Very happy with purchase. I have worn it everyday for a few months, even to shower. It still looks silver because it’s stainless unlike “silver” finish that wears off similar products.

  107. I honestly expected this to be a flimsy bracelet shipped in a bag or plain box, but i was wrong! It is actually quite substantial, yet dainty! Will be a cute and funny gift!

  108. This was the perfect gift for my best friend and I to remember to keep pushing, keep going, and not let anything get in our way.

  109. I got this bracelet for a friend as a gift and it exceeds my expectations.  The bracelet is really nice I hope my friend likes it cuz I sure do.

  110. I love the variety of sayings they offer for the bracelets. The bracelet is so cute. It’s so delicate and minimal yet absolutely perfect. Now when I say delicate I mean in how I feel when I tried it on.

  111. I had bought this as an inspiration for myself and I have to say, I am very impressed with the quality of the bracelet and I love that that inside message is just for my eyes only.  It’s a great buy.

  112. Wow! I bought this for my sister in-law and cant wait to give it to her! You can read what the message says very clearly and its very cute and simple so you can wear it with anything!

  113. This is a gift for my daughter, she’s a great kid without most of my bad habits. It’s just a pretty little silver bracelet.

    For the price it’s packaged in a nice little cloth bag so it looks much more expensive than it is.

  114. I have been looking at this bracelet for a while and I was thrilled to finally buy it and get it today! I absolutely love it. It is very well-made. The bracelet is beautiful and shiny. The words are clean and easy to read. It was very well packaged. The bracelet is in a velvet bag and then inside a velvet lined box. While I bought this for myself it would be an excellent gift.

  115. Super fun gift that i’ll be giving to my daughter. She’s going to love it! I tried it on myself and almost didn’t want to give it to her.

  116. This is my new go-to gift. Personal, funny, pretty, it’s perfect. It arrived quickly and in great condition. I’ll be ordering more!

  117. I’m about to buy one for another friend who could use a kind reminder of their power.

    I might buy a few since I keep ordering them!

  118. This is a very nice bracelet! It is good quality, well-polished stainless steel. There are different messages so that you can customize for yourself or for giving as a gift. I bought 2, silver for my,  rose gold for a gift. Great quality for the price! Recommend product and seller.

  119. I bought one of these as gift for my wife and she absolutely loved it! The variety of inscriptions are sweet and inspiring. They are smooth, shiny and well finished while also sturdy yet flexible enough to be easily adjusted to size. They come attractively packaged with a nice box ready for gifting. I would definitely purchase again.

  120. Wasn’t sure that it would fit, but it did and my niece has not taken it off once since she put it on. I wanted to do sterling for her 10th birthday. It is bright and shiny and will wear well for many years. I’m so pleased with this purchase.

  121. It’s so pretty and makes me feel special. This is my 2nd purchase, as I originally purchased one for my Debra and was so impressed by the quality! Quick turnaround times!

  122. It’s perfect. She doesn’t wear a ton of jewelry and is more minimalist and this is truly her taste. Just a little hidden reminder or words of encouragement are lovely. She loved it.

  123. Love this simple, yet (hidden) statement bracelet. My bestie doesn’t like too much flash when it comes to her accessories.

    The simple, go-with-anything style of this bracelet is great because anyone would love it. The packaging was nice.

    Seems sturdy and my wrist slipped in with no adjustment necessary. Overall I’m totally happy and can’t wait to gift it.

  124. This was something that I obviously purchased as a gift. The bracelet feels thick and durable. Prior to ordering I was concerned that it could be flimsy but that’s not the case. As far as I can tell, the only thing that remains to be seen is how well it wears over time. To be continued…

  125. Lovely bracelet. I gave them as little thank you gifts to women who lead a discussion group at a Bible study I led. I was so pleased with the bracelets when I received them, and the women loved them when they opened their gifts.

  126. Beautiful. Fits great and will not slip off. I bought 3 of them. Two of them for dear friends and one for myself. They loved them!

  127. Very nicely made bracelet! Did not tarnish when having it on in the humidity. It has stayed nice and polished. Came nicely packaged great for gift giving. May need to order another for birthday or graduation gift.

  128. This bangle exceeded my expectations. It is very dainty and shiny. The quality is excellent. The bangle is stainless steel. The bangle also matches exactly the color of some of my other stainless steel jewelry. I am very pleased with my order.

  129. This bracelet was ordered for our 10yr old granddaughter to commemorate her baptism and to also to provide her with a visual representation of her commitment that she can proudly display to others everyday she wears it. This bracelet absolutely fulfills just that. She was absolutely thrilled to receive it and she proudly shows it to others wherever she goes. The bracelet is high quality and should be able to be worn daily without having to worry of it breaking. Especially while being worn by an active 10yr old. Our next goal is to have her name engraved to personalize it even more.

  130. This bracelet with the cross is beautiful. I don’t know how you like a bracelet to fit, but I don’t want them loose. I talk with my hands, and have lost jewelry trying to make a point on a topic! 🙂

    I’ve been wearing this for quite a while now, and just love it. Would make a great Christmas gift!

  131. My daughter gave this to me in silver, and I love it, her, and the thought expressed. We bent it a bit to fit my smaller-sized wrist. It’s an awesome gift. Many thanks to whomever designed it.

  132. Purchased this for my 11 year old niece. It really is beautiful and nice packaging as well. I regret not taking a picture of it before I left. I will try and get one and add later. But it is really a nice inexpensive gift. Would purchase again if the need arose.

  133. The bangle is so nice. Great quality, beautiful shine. I’ve gotten so many compliments without anyone seeing the inscription!!! It keeps me centered with my crazy life.

  134. Bought as a gift for my sister, she loves it and brings a smile to her face when she wears it. No one knowns what it says, but she does and appreciates the encouragement

  135. In the past two years I have lost my son. This bracelet may not be appropriate for some, but it sums up my life perfectly. Saw it, and had to purchase it. It’s a beautiful piece of jewelry, and you can choose who you show the verse to.

  136. Love this!! Very solid bracelet. Very shiny. Love the leaf print on the edges. Makes it different from others I have seen. The print on the inside is very clear and big so it’s easy to read. Very Satisfied with this purchase. Would make a cute gift!!

  137. I got this bracelet for a friend who was having a tough time. It is great quality and well made. The engraving is well done! Heavier than I thought it would be! Would order again! Thank you!

  138. I just love this! I like the sentiment and the looks. Its high quality and a decent price. I am going to buy one for my friend for her birthday!

  139. My daughter had always loved this saying, when I saw it this bracelet, I knew it had to be hers. To make things even better, it came in rose gold, which she LOVES. When I received it, it was so beautiful, well made, nice heavy quality, I was delighted.

  140. I saw this saying and thought of my best friend who was a great lady, loved by all. I bought this for her…She loves it..and wears it daily. It reminds her of me!! She cried when she opened it and I cried with her..Very special. Thank you for the reminder!

  141. Bought the bracelet for my daughters birthday. At the time she was under a lot of stress. The saying on the inside was perfect and she loved it when she opend her present.

  142. I bought this for my daughter that is going through breast cancer treatment. It’s a perfect pick me up for her.

  143. Love the sense of humor! Quality is great! It’s so fun to walk around with it on and nobody knows what you are wearing inside your bracelet!

  144. Very happy with the bracelet and box. Am looking forward to giving it to my granddaughter. Very good customer service. Would purchase again.

  145. Bracelet was just as pictured. The delivery was great. My daughter cried when she received it! We’re very satisfied!

  146. The bracelet is sleek and beautiful. The inscription is perfect. It will be a cherished birthday gift and it arrived just in time!

  147. My daughter is a very special person and this gift really made her happy. Great quality & delivery was perfect

  148. Received it in the mail and will be giving it to my daughter as one of her Christmas gifts. It’s beautiful and I’m excited to see her reaction when she opens it. I know she’s going to love it!

  149. My granddaughter loves the bracelet and wears it all the time. She especially loved the saying – it was perfect

  150. This is truly a lovely cuff bracelet! I ordered this one for myself after I saw how beautiful the one I ordered for my daughter was.

  151. I was impressed with how proficiently you dealt with my order. The quality of the three bracelets is so good and well crafted.

  152. I bought this as a surprize for my amazing daughter. i didn’t tell her anytthing but she cfalled me all excited and loved it.

  153. Can’t wait to give to my daughter for Christmas! I’m sure this will touch her heart! The bracelet is very nice! Glad i bought it!

  154. It is a gift for my daughter. She is amazing and I always like supporting her efforts. I thought this would be a very cute way to let her know she is awesome.

  155. My daughter loved this bracelet when I gave it to her. The sentiment is great and the bracelet is well made.

  156. I ordered the bracelet and hoped it would be as lovely as it looks in the ad. It certainly is! Love the sentiment on the inside. I can’t wait to give it to my niece for Christmas!

  157. These three bracelets were gifts for adult daughters of a best friend who passed away a year ago. I was very pleased with the quality and weight of the bracelets. The gals loved them!

  158. I gave this bracelet to my granddaughter for her birthday. What an absolutely perfect gift. She is 14 and guess what? She just loved it!!!!! I can’t thank you enough. Grandma scored!!

  159. I bought these for my 2 sisters and I after our mother passed away. We all loved them and they look very nice!

  160. Ordered bracelet for my daughter (straighten your crown) and I am very pleased with it. The quality is great.

  161. My Mom passed away this year. I purchased 4 of these as Christmas gifts for my daughter & 3 nieces. This will be a perfect little something to remember their grandmother by. I’m very happy with the quality of the bracelets.

  162. These were ordered for Christmas presents for our granddaughters. They are very nice and I hope the girls will like them.

  163. I bought the daughter one for me and two of the granddaughter ones for my girls and we all love them!!! Beautiful quality and excellent communication from start to finish. Never ordered from overseas before and I definitely wouldn’t hesitate with you again. Thank you very much.

  164. the bracelet arrived quickly and the quality of the bracelet is beautiful.. I bought 3.. one for each of my grandaughters… they loved them!

  165. This is a very special and beautiful piece of jewellery. The message is what makes it so special. Cannot wait to gift it to my granddaughter.

  166. It is beautiful but it is a gift to my daughter on her wedding day which is not until November so I cannot take a picture unless you want the picture in a package

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